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Note: While you can update the sponsor logos in one spot, You will have to update the headline content on every single page.

Homepage, First Timers Guide, Price Boxes

Helpfull Templates

This link contains 3 templates:

  1. For Homepage promo boxes
  2. For the Trail rating images on the First Timers Guide
  3. For the green effect on price box images. 



The Footer can be updated in the Widgets section. Find the widgets section from the dashboard under "Appearance". The widgets can take significant time to load so be patient with the template.


Montagne Theme Documentation

The link below takes you to the theme's documentation, which is a how-to on everything you can do with the template.


Daily Deals

Component Used - Pricing Table How to configure with green panel on right side - Background image (already uploaded in WordPress) Home page - 50/50 left - section title with cta to all deals. Right - pricing table.