Mountain E-Bike Tour

This summer, power up your biking with the Mountain E-Bike Tour

Taking in miles of mountainous views and exploring secluded forests is as easy as a sea level stroll. Riders of all skill levels will enjoy a leisurely pedal while the Specialized Turbo Levo bike’s pedal assist effortlessly propels riders to conquer uphill terrain. Go further and enjoy more with the latest in biking technology.

The three hour tour starts at the base of the resort and then ascends to remote forested trails for a brief escape into nature. The enhanced riding ability of pedal assist allows for more miles of trail, more scenic overlooks, more chances to spot wildlife, and more play time!

This tour is perfect for visitors to the area who are looking to enjoy the mountain scenery and unfrequented trail sections with a helpful guide. It is a great chance for groups of any skill level to share in a mountain adventure. The route is beginner-friendly, but has opportunities for more challenging diversions.


$99 per person

Price Includes: Pedal-assisted e-bike, Rental, and Helmet.


Tours run daily June 16 – Closing Day | 1:30 – 4:30 pm
Additional morning tours run Saturdays June 30th – September 1st | 9:30 am– 1:00 pm

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