what is trestle

Well, in our world, it’s the name given to the United States’ largest full service downhill bike park, that boasted the title of “Fastest Growing Bike Park” for the last decade, has one of the largest rental fleets in North America, and was built as an inclusive, progressive park where anyone could develop their skills on two wheels. We’re not trying to brag though.

It Took a Hot Second For us to Get Here.

There were lots of rocks and roots on the path to creating Winter Park’s Summer alter ego. Seriously, Bruce Wayne didn’t become Batman in a day.

What we’re saying is, Trestle Bike Park, as it has come to be known today, was a work in progress that necessitated a specially crafted mix of art and science –

Think Picasso meets Bill Nye
with a whole lotta dirt.

But let’s start at the beginning. The idea to create a downhill park at Winter Park Resort grew from the successful decades of summer activities, as well as, the popularity of the cross country scene in the area. Mountain Biking was a popular summer sport at Winter Park Resort and in the Fraser Valley since the early 1990s. Even as early as 1995, people were taking the Zephyr up and riding gravity back down. But that was a cross-country focused experience.

couple mountain biking at winter park
scenic mountain biking
mountain bikers on chair lift
classic mountain biking

In 1998, this little place up in Canada (Whistler/Blackcomb) opened a bike park and was seeing a surge in their downhill mountain bike success.

Who knew Canadians were so into getting dirty, eh?

After a quick consultation with the neighbors in the great north, the Winter Park Resort staff wanted to do something similar back in Colorado. And so, some of the genius designers from the Whistler/Blackcomb project created their own company, Gravity Logic, and their first gig was building Trestle Bike Park.

The process of development didn’t happen overnight. It took until 2009 for the first trail to get the green light of approval by the US Forest Service. Why did it take so long? One main reason was because the trails were going to be, and continue to be truly crafted, rather than just hacked into the side of the mountain.

sunspot lodge in the summer

Trail decisions were made based on environmental impact

This ensured the resources were respected and build plans worked with the land to maintain a consistent experience for riders year after year. Bob Holme, the Winter Park Resort terrain park guru, took the lead on Trestle development, and worked closely with Planning Director Doug Laraby, Gravity Logic, and the US Forest Service to be sure

soils, botany, water quality, water shed, ecology and biology were all thoughtfully considered.

The hippie hearted trail crew knew the importance of the resources, so although it took longer than expected, they were proud to make this an essential part of Trestle’s growth. Nonetheless, in 2009 Trestle finally took shape and Free Speech was built! Trestle officially had its first freeride and downhill experience built from scratch.

trestle bike park trail map

But why the name “Trestle”?
Well, given the trail crew’s past work spearheading Terrain Park development at Winter Park Resort, they kept the rail road theme rolling. The brand new Bike Park became its own brand, taking its name from the old rail road trestle out on Moffat Road. That wasn’t the only trail name theme. The bike park team also created the Bill of Rides: trails with names based on the Bill of Rights. And so, No Quarter, Bear Arms, Search and Seizure, Cruel and Unusual, Jury Duty, Witness, and Double Jeopardy followed the creation of Free Speech.

Present Day Trestle

Over the years, the on mountain experience grew; because what’s a bike ride without an end of the day brew, especially here in Colorado? Our post mountain grub and drink options make a day in the mountains a full experience!

Not to mention we host this little thing in July called, Colorado Freeride Festival – The United States’ largest freeride mountain bike festival.

And the fun’s not over yet, folks.

At the end of summer 2016, Trestle kicked off its backside expansion, which when complete will add 11 more miles of trail, with shorter sections added over the next few summers.

trestle jump trail

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